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The War for Talent

Globally the war for talent gives first place to those employers who have crafted an explicit strategy to attract, recruit, develop, engage and recognise and reward the best skills that the market has to offer. Creating and offering a compelling and competitive employee value proposition (EVP) has become an important strategic conversation. In association with …

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The Business of Millenials

A BUSINESS WITHOUT MILLENIALS IS A BUSINESS WITHOUT A FUTURE (From LinkedIn) We all know millennials are lazy, entitled, disloyal and flaky. Right? That’s the familiar vocabulary Lee Caraher encountered when she started researching millennials for her first book. That was five years ago. As CEO and Founder of Double Forte, a national digital marketing …

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The New Era Recruiter

Four KPAs of the new era recruiter (Bizcommunity) Untapped opportunity lies ahead for South African recruiters who are quick to recognise that reactive, conventional recruitment practice is a thing of the past. As I write, we are rapidly moving into a dynamic new digital and networked environment. With the fundamental shift towards digital channels, both …

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Sage advice!

The career advice I wish I had at 25 (LinkedIn) In the future, when we turn 50, we will each be given a ticket to a time machine and, just once, we will be able to go back in time and talk to our 25-year-old selves.Even then, time travel will be expensive and wreak havoc …

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