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Quality Thinking

The quality of everything you do is determined by the quality of your thinking… Here are some interesting thoughts of the essence and approach of the Thinking Environment. A life not truly loved, is a life not truly lived. How can you create a life you love, with all your heart and head? Start with …

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Where is the love?

Have to share this because it so encapsulates my heart right now. Sometimes I feel so totally overwhelmed by what is happening all over the world…. rage and inhumanity to man (others who do not necessarily conform or comply to how we see things). Where is our love? We all want and need the same …

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Just Be Nice!

Who would have thought…but it makes sense! I am fascinated by this inescapable truth that if we treat others in the workplace like we would like to be treated…we are likely to bring out the best in them! Not rocket science…       After years of intensive analysis, Google found the key to good …

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