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Reimagining Ritual

Here is something that has resonated with me over the past weekend as we celebrate the Easter ritual. One of my favourite quotes from Justin Wise to share: Reimagining Ritual We human beings need rituals, and we create them everywhere. We have rituals for getting up in the morning, rituals for brushing our teeth, rituals …

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The Millenial Generation

Interesting perspective and a real challenge for leadership! Failed parenting…hmm…interesting! This is exactly whats wrong with the Millenial generation! The original video is here:¬†https://youtu.be/HK97VG-m3W0 From beBee.com:¬†https://www.bebee.com/buzz/1092341?fbclid=IwAR1gaUGrnIHJBJrhKPeHkip5kDN1LzmUYLh2aKsIbguvHX1LtYiSPZKbWv4

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