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Quality Thinking

The quality of everything you do is determined by the quality of your thinking…
Here are some interesting thoughts of the essence and approach of the Thinking Environment.
A life not truly loved, is a life not truly lived.
How can you create a life you love, with all your heart and head? Start with quietness.
Pay attention to your life; listen intently, to your heart, to your thoughts.
Stay curious; be interested. Remember that you, and only you, are the expert in your life. Don’t defer to others, you will know the answer. You just need to take that first step – listen into the stillness..breathe and start to explore.
What makes you feel most at ease? Make more time for it. Slow down and notice what is already amazing in your life.
Focus on what you love about others – tell them – it will make you feel good, too. Notice the little things that bring pleasure and contentment. Do less, be more present, enjoy now.
Be kind, be open-handed with your generosity – giving is fulfilling.
Love unconditionally.
Explore your instincts. They have grown from years of experience and from your own heart, you can trust them. Allow them to be heard, and take your time in listening and working out what those precious instincts and feelings are telling you.
Actively look for ways to do things differently. Live the questions. Challenge the norm. Be uniquely, wonderfully you. Embrace the surprises you reveal to yourself – your true wishes, pleasures, power.
Make decisions. Don’t procrastinate – there’s no need to wait for it to be perfect. Start. Adjust. Learn. Repeat. Face the things that scare you and you will grow stronger and wiser and braver.
Courageously follow your heart – walk away from the shadows that burden your thinking – the only person you need to compare yourself with is the version of you that you want to become.
Unbridle yourself from the assumptions that limit you – they are so often untrue, and they are so often the things that stop you doing and being everything you want.
Know you matter. Your body matters. Your health matters. Your relationships matter. Your needs are as important as everyone else’s – know them and nourish them.
Explore and understand your boundaries, be clear on what is right for you. Communicate clearly, gently, powerfully.
Know that you really can choose…to create a life that you love…to make a difference.
So…let’s begin…what do you want to think about…and what are your thoughts”?