You are facing the stress of job hunting and would really benefit from some coaching support…to guide you and advise you as you navigate your way to success!

So…what if….

  • You had support and a structure to guide you when putting your CV together?
  • You knew how to create a punchy personal value statement?
  • You could gain more confidence to interview successfully?
  • You had a coach who gave you straight-forward feedback and a plan for success?
  • You had tools to assist you when answering those difficult questions asked in interviews?
  • You could obtain all these things with one easy contact?

Current reality

Many job hunters are under prepared when faced with the challenge of job interviews…whether you are entering the job market for the first time as a school leaver/university graduate or whether you are re-entering the job market mid career or to kick start a second career (post retrenchment, maternity leave, or retirement), typically these are the issues you and others are bound to face:

  • how to match yourself to the job advert
  • how to develop your personal value proposition to fit the job profile or job industry that “has your name on it”
  • how to navigate your way through the recruitment process; what does it involve and what is expected of, you, the job hunter
  • how to put together a CV that is compellingly readable and gives just the right level of detail
  • how to put together a personal advert called your ‘personal value statement’ that is designed to stand out from the pile
  • how to dress and behave in the interview
  • how to answer difficult probing questions
  • how to create your ‘personal elevator pitch’ for panel interviews
  • how to bounce back from possible rejection and build your personal resilience

Our Approach towards achieving this

  • Developing your personal brand is the first step towards making an authentic impression.   This entails a degree of introspection about how you show up as a prospective employee: what your dress code says about you, what your presence on social media portrays about your beliefs and value system.  How to take back control of the brand called “ME”.
  • Ouraim is to support and coach you, the job hunter, through the interview process by offering you a tailored and phased approach depending on what you need
  • Whether our engagement is face to face in a coaching session or whether it is ‘virtual’ using technology; we aim to assist you to present your best and most compelling self to a prospective employer

Here is the range of coaching support services you can choose from:

  • ‘Thinking’ session to explore possible job options and to design your personal value proposition
  • Help with preparing your CV and your personal value statement
  • Guidance about pre-interview research
  • Interviewing technique, etiquette and coaching on answering questions
  • Personal ‘elevator pitches’
  • Debrief and coaching support after the interview