Imagine an organisation….

…where through individual and collective insight, people are accountable for themselves and how they show up at the work place

…where they are able to take ownership of their individual and team contributions

…where people really relate to each other in a caring and sustainable way

…where relationships are central for the purpose of building a cohesive and collaborative whole that achieves results.


Recognising that organisations have unique sets of dynamically changing needs, that occur within local, national and global contexts….the common theme that is immerging is the need to build sustainability out of how people relate to each other and to their place of work. This can only happen when…

there is safety, ease and trust in how people relate to each other
there is an absence of fear so that people can take risks and do their best thinking to creatively solve problems and innovate
diversity is appreciated and celebrated
there is empathy, EQ, awareness of self and group
there is a culture that recognises the need for real relationship and communication
there is a team that is organic, in terms of dealing with its own temperature and that is able to respond to emerging issues and crises in real time

Our Approach towards achieving this:

Our aim is to foster individual and self-awareness through tailored interventions that use both one on one individual coaching sessions and team or group facilitation.
To ensure a meaningful and sustainable learning experience, these interventions would happen over a period of time, which allows time for self reflection, observation, and homework.
A process that is a safe and guiding container and that helps create a way of relating